I posted this in the wrong forum earlier so now im fixing it to get hopefully more feed back

i play mostly RHCP Sublime Maroon 5 and everything from sum 41 to coldplay

which is better for me

peavy valveking 212


Peavy classic 30

thanks in advance
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i like the classic 30 better
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Classic 30 and if you want it to sound even better? Put a celestion G12h 30 watt speaker in there.
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I hear nothing but bad about the valveking and only good about the classic. So based on the UG bias, I would go with the classic.
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the classic! has more tone than that the VK and alot more reliable! And thats for sure!
one thing to check out before you play.... i had an older classic 20 and the tube rattle drove me nuts, i sold it due to this. im sure they fixed it by now, but just check it out. other than that the amp sounded sweet.