Okay, so i'm getting an acoustic, i have four hundred, American. I'm all but set that i'm going to get the seagull s6 acoustic, original. I just want to be sure that there isn't anything that would suit me better. I will be playing everything from acoustic rock to john mayer like stuff to jazz to worship music. I want a solid top, which this is, and i will be buying a preamp/pickup and having them installed later. For now soon, though, i'm getting that fender humbucker that you put over the soundhole, that you don't have to drill into the guitar to put there.

Anywho, i digress. Is there a better guitar for me, or should i stick with the seagull?

thanks for the help!

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The Seagull is a fine guitar for all-around acoustic goodness. The great thing about them is the amount of craftsmanship you get for the price. The tops are solid, yes. But it is also a much better quality laminate used on the b/s. The S6 is Wild Cherry b/s but instead of using cheap plywood for the laminate they use three layers of the Cherry. It is as close to solid woods as you can get for the price. I have 2 high-end Yairis, a DY61, and an ADY1 for my stage guitar and both are laminate b/s but sound better than most solid wood guitars. Also they are hand made in Canada which beats factory churned Mexican or Chinese any day. A great buy for the money. A Washburn D10S is also a good choice in the price range. Well I hope this helps you. Kudos for playing worship music! That is how I learned and is the best way to learn the basics and get comfortable playing around others. Check out Myspace.com/nickhaysmusic for some cool guitar music. Cheers!
my other guitar player in my band has a seagull. its a damn good guitar. we use it in recordings all the time. i think it will suit your needs perfectly. we use it for everything! i was really surprised of the quality of it. and it projects very well too.