Same thing with this one... criticism is cool.

The Strategy of “Take What I Can Get” Isn’t Working Out

Verse 1:
Two is almost always better than just one
But in those cases one is better than nothing at all
Cause I’ve given all I had for you but your attitude won’t sway
And lately now it seems maybe it’s better off this way
So let me hear you say

I don’t have another heart
It never seems to get a rest
Irreplaceable, not if but when it falls apart
Im leaving you, maybe it’s best

Verse 2:
My chalk outline reveals the way I fell for you
The forth quarter wasn’t looking up, exhausting for two
I might not make it, I’m gonna just barely make it
I won’t let you live a lie, I won’t let you fake it
So let me hear you say

I can’t help you, I’m already feeling useless
Together we, are set apart, the irony
It doesn’t pertain to making amends
Was it too much, were we just meant to be friends