I have an Epiphone SG, and i think its one of the best models. im going to be getting an EMG 81 in the bridge, and an EMG 60 in the neck. what amp should i get if i play thrash metal, speed metal, but SOME cleans. also what type of amp, and would i need any Distortion/Effect pedals?
peavey 5150 would do you well, or a Engl thunder/screamer!

No dist. pedal needed what so ever!
600 aint to bad for someone ur age.

well i suppose you wont be a gigging musician for at least a few years so....
a roland cube 30 or 60 might suit you well and leave you with lots of cash left over.
you dont need an expensive tube amp or half stack , that would be a huge waste of money right now and u cant even afford it so thats out the window.
other than that...i own a behringer gmx210 amp , i like it for practicing , its plenty loud and it has decent distortion but you will need some pedals.
Try the line 6 amps too , thats a good place to start.
if you find that you really want to give your all to the guitar , you can look into more expensive options down the line.
in terms of distortion pedals , the Electro - harmonix metal muff is an excellent versatile pedal if you ask me , and not too expensive.

good luck !
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you shouldnt. look at the other suggestions, they are far superior.
1. no

2. no dice

3. nope

steer away from Line 6 Spiders, The Spider line is horrible.
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That B52 that georgemccupcake posted is a good idea.

Also check out:

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Stay away from Line 6 Spiders, Marshall MGs and Marshall AVTs. You can easily get a tube amp with the money you have so I'd definitely take that route.
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Fixed Used, of course.

well he said he wanted some cleans.

but anyway

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar