i always buy dean markley 11s and there great but i always get two g strings 1 wound one not
whats the difference in sound between the two?
it all depends on taste and feel, it's really up to whichever you choose.
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tonal difference and their tuning stability. and unwound strings are easier to bend. most wound g users are rhythm players, like malcolm young. others who use 11s like slash etc are using unwounds.
Note that the sound coming from the G string will be thinner and lend itself more toward high frequencies if you use the plain string, and it will be thicker and lend itself more toward mid frequencies if you use the wound string.

Personally, I prefer a wound G string.

It's also worth noting that most string manufacturers don't automatically include the wound G until you get to .12 gauge strings and therefore most .11 gauge players are left without the option.

The intonation will also be slightly off if you switch from the plain to the wound (or vice versa) without setting it up.
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yea what they said AND exactly what kendall said using a wound g string on a guitar that u normally play with a unwound it will cause the intonation to be out, you might not notice a HUGE differance but to the trained ear its pretty easy to here so try em both out and kinda make a mind set on which you like and then set it up with that type in mind.. now that i think of it i need to set the intonation on my reactor...