I recently got my Jackson RR24, and it's wicked. I got it in white and I was wondering if i should be conscious the paint job? How tough is guitar paint. The neck is painted white as well, so should i be worried about my hand staining the neck from playing after a while? I'm just curious because I've never had a white guitar, or known anyone with one before.
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I have the same guitar. I would be concious of the paint cause its like a 1500 dollar guitar here in canada. Anything that expensive be as cafeful as you can possibly be. As for your question i have no idea how strong the paint is and really i dont wanna find out.
Haha yeah. I'm in Canada too. I didn't mean I wasn't gonna be careful, it was more a question of should I wipe the neck down after playing it.
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i can guaranteee you wont damage teh paint, i've dinged my guitar a few times (****ty ibanez jumpstart) and it's thick, so you wont damage, and a good portion is clear coat, if your that worreid, always wash your hands before playing, and wash it regularily
ad is it really that expensive in canada? damn...i was thining of getting one next year
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I have an alpine white Epiphone Les Paul custom and i have had no problems the white paint being stained at all. Although i do clean it very often.

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Haha yeah, it wasn't cheap. I came near $2000 CAD with the Jackson case and taxes. It was worth it though.
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ah that's like my dream guitar lol
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i think with any V you've gotta be careful with dinging it on the tips of the wings. especially if you're not used to having extra guitar sticking out where the wings are. Just be wary of your surrounding when you're handling it
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the paint should be fine, my DX10D dinky, ie a far worse guitar than yours, has a few dings a good 3-4mm thick (which doesnt sound like much but is pretty deep for a dent in your guitar) and none of the paint has chipped or anything.
Yeah my RR24 was like 1700 bucks Candaian after tax and the case and everything