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good luck with that! if the world have a nuclear war 3 things would survive; cockroaches, twinkies, and boss pedals
step 1: search ebay lol or find a shop that has one sitting around
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i have a squier strat and i lvoe the feel, but i want sumthing w. humbuckers and dont wanna mod my squier
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Just look carefully. I got my Epiphone Les Paul Classic and a normal guitar shop. It's discontinued. But chances are, that guitat isn't that old, so there are plenty of models out there.
thats the same 1 i posted to start the thread.....
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hahaha, oops sorry man, haha I didnt even open it, I just saw the other guy ask if you are looking for a strat with two humbuckers..I would think that the stores should carry them since they were probably discontinued just lately...and yeah you could always buy used.
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+1 to both carefully and ebay

Yea i found my jetking in a pawn shop, and its discontinued. You just have to call your local guitar center, local shops, pawn shops, and search ebay. just look until you find what you are looking for. tis quite fun!
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you could always put stacked coils in instead of humbuckers.
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nah, i have a squier strat w/ single coils, so im 100% sure i want humbuckers
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stacked coils are humbuckers that fit in single coils slots, so your strat could have three humbuckers
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oh, my bad. but yea, i dont wanna mod my squier, that stays as it is.
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