another ots. probably going to be sung, if you think i should have a chorus and have any ideas please let me know. otherwise, rip it apart

She can feel it, slipping away now
Like an anchor, falling through the sea
She thinks it's over, no love between them
And she's tired, of this one way street

She can take this, world all by herself
That's what she says, whenever she has doubt
Didn't know how hard this life could be
He can't even, seem to figure her out

And as it's all, falling around her
He's right there, reaching out to comfort
The broken heart, that only he can see
'Cause that smile hides everything she feels

And as the storm, raged on inside
There's something new, that's never been felt
Like water on a match it calmed
And all the pain stopped where it was at
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