It's been happening so many times now. Recently I bought a Ernie ball 11s and got them wound up but the high e string seemed to break after about a week of playing. it always breaks during bends. anybody know the problem? whether its the strings or what else?
Where does it break? Right at the bridge or somewhere else?
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Your strumming too hard, your using too hard a pick, your guitars just not the greatest.
You may have a 10 x 10 stack of marshalls and i may only have one, but mine goes to 11.... Beat that
what kind of guitar do you have, what kind of bridge does that have. On my cheap Ibanez i used to break strings all the time during bends because the metal of the bridge had a jagged edge.
God damnit to many F**kin Kids replay with sh*t advice, if it breaks at the bridge which i bet it does then try lubing up the bridge Cut that holds the string with pencil lead... yes Pencil lead. and if that doesnt work stop using ur knife like fingers all over ur strings lol