What's the point? I mean, I see alot of people with many distortion/gain/fuzz pedals in the same rig. Last time I tried multiple gain pedals I could not see much difference,

Any insight?
If you couldn't see much difference, you didn't try enough different pedals, or your ears aren't trained yet.

I only have one at the moment, however when I can afford it I will get an OCD (another drive pedal) and a Big Muff (fuzz pedal). The OCD because it is much better than my bad monkey, and the Big Muff because I want a fuzz pedal for higher gain Hendrix and Gilmour type sounds.
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Different sounds and tones really. I have my Tubescreamer for boosting my solo's, but I want a decent fuzz pedal for really dirty sounding riffs.

There is a huge difference between say a Tubescreamer and a Fuzz Factory.
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it's because of the different and unique tone each pedal provides, people want to have a variety of options.
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Quote by TOcheesehead
it's because of the different and unique tone each pedal provides, people want to have a variety of options.

they also dont use them at the same time..which makes your signal too muddy sounding. the only thing people might do is use a tube screamer on a low setting with another type of distortion just to boost the overall gain or volume of there signal.
Hey i was wondering about using two ODs also. Right now I can use my bad monkey with the gain at 0 and the level at full so its a volume boost. But if I got another OD and used them both together would it add even more volume for each pedal?
im kinda getint the impression that you might think you use them all at the same time(you could i dont kwo why)...you dont... you engage one at a time if you cant here a differance than you have somthing in common with my wife bc she says that about guitars and amps and pedals.....there is def differance between ever peda. no 2 pedals sound alike mabey kinda close but not a distortion pedal has alot more gain than a over drive and fuzz depending on what type of music you play you might only need one.(unless you play a variety of stuff) i play metal scream emo and hard rock and my boss ds1 does enough for me.... a good metal pedal might be nice but it gets the job done...unless your into like blues or older rock dont worry about the fuzz and overdrive....my 50 year old uncle plays a fuzz pedal...not my style.