Yesterday I got myself a Fender Hotrod Deville... Well, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how to make the distortion sound... good? And would you recommend buying effect pedals for it? I always just use the distortion the amp has... but im not sure about this amp. What does UG think?
Tube screamer, god I love amps, most heavenly clean sounding amps in the world. In my opinion, or there close to a deluxe reverb or a twin reverb, tweed classic, or bassman amp.
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it would all depend on what KIND of distortion you want. whether it be softer rock type, hard rock, metal, etc.

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yeah i agree with constable,

it depends on what tone you want

that amp is amazing for a nice nasty blues tone =]

if you want rock you're most likely gonna have to get a good distortion pedal or whatnot

and metal... well, thats almost impossible without some godly insane pedal
not really true. but yeah ur gonna need a good pedal. TS possible or a simple DS-1 really anything could work. the amp itself i find doesnt have a very good distortion tone. they dont make fenders for distortion. but yeah that amp is a god among ants when it comes to blues and clean tones
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If you want a hard rock tone you picked the wrong amp! I tried tweaking my (deluxe) to hard rock tones but it sounds more like classic rock put on high gain IMO..but i'd say go with a good distortion pedal instead of using your regular distortion
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Fenders don't wokr well with moderate to heavy distortion. The way they are wired is specifically for cleans. Your never going to sound like GNR with a Fender. Sorry to break it to you.

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