So, my cat hacked a hairball on my TU-2, and it killed a cell on the LCD. So now, instead of an E i have a C. It killed the middle cell. So on to the question, is there someplace I could send the thing to get it fixed? I don't mind paying to have it fixed, its just not possible to actually tune with this thing now.
1. get your self a stove,soy sause and chop sticks and get revenge...
2. when did you get it? is it under garentee? you probibly cant really get it fixed if its not under garentee..it will be too costly. your prolly better off buying a new one.
ps..your cat pisses me off and i dont even know you. lol
It's out of warranty. I don't mind paying to fix it, it really shouldn't be a big job, just soldering in a replacement LCD.

Or as an alternative, is there somewhere I can get a replacement LCD to replace myself?