sorry if its been asked before but how are post counts counted, for me it says i have 0.52 posts per day, but one guy on here i know, only has 2 posts and it says he has 146 posts per day, and its like this with others too, some people have 100 posts and it says they have like 5 posts per day, but i have over 100 and im still in 0.52 posts per day

i know its useless really but im curious
its basically how many posts you've made in relation to your join date. If you've been a member for 20 days, but only made 2 posts, you'll have 0.025 posts per day.

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The confusion is coming from two things, first; Pit posts and posts in here don't count. Second; the posts per day is calculated more accurately than just the number of days you've signed up for some reason, which gives new members ridiculously high post per day counts.

For example, a guy who's been signed up for an hour and posted twice will have a posts per day of 48.
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So ? Just relax and have fun lol, post count means nothing..
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