i have posted a thread asking about what pedal to buy, which im going to purchase one tomorrow. i was just curious about the UG users' ideal distortion pedal is...


What distortion pedal do you believe has the most realistic amp-distortion like tone. i know theres a lot of trebly, digital sounds out, but what do you think actually sounds authentic?
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Well you dont get authentifc distortion most of the time from amps, its more overdrive you get. Distortion usually comes from pedals, or at least in my opinion. I would go metal muff if your into metal. What music are you into.
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i use a line 6 am4 amp modeller, its very practical for live playing as u get 4 settings, sounds alrite paired with an eq pedal, but i still live by my sansamp gt-2, best and most realistic amp distortion in pedal form ive ever heard
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are we talking solid state or tube amp? if tube i'd say get the ibanez tube screamer. if solid state i'd say get the boss ds-1. also it would help to know what kind of music you play. theres an overdrive/distortion pedal for everything.
The Fulltone OCD is supposedly the holy grail of distortion/overdrive. Thats just what I've heard.
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How much are you willing to spend and what type of music do you play, what kind of amp (tube or ss?)
The only two pedals I've played that actually sound like overdriven power tubes are the gaspedals Carb and the Lovepedal Eternity. The OCD is a decent overdrive, but it still sounds like an overdrive pedal. It's also not even close to the holy grail of ODs.
i always have my sansamp GT2 in my portable rig, its kinda like a jcm800 in a stompbox.
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i always have my sansamp GT2 in my portable rig, its kinda like a jcm800 in a stompbox.


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