Ok here are the tabs for this certain part. This is how I am playing it, I "fixed" it a little so that it's easier to play. (Not so much string skipping)

So anyways here's the tabs.

       PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-    PM-   PM-

       PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-   PM-    PM-    PM

So my question is: Do I alternate pick this or downpick it all? Or if it's a mix please explain.

alternate pick it
id alternate pick it. depends what kinda song it is. most punk songs i learn are supposed to be down picked.
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So alternate EVERYTHING? Never pick two times in a row in the same direction?

This is gonna be tough

Yes, it stops you from getting fatigued as quickly once you get it down, and makes it all sound more fluid.
downpick that ****er, and is that song ATR?
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wat ever feels most comfortable. Try to play it so you get ready for the next note. If the note is on the 4th string and the next note is on the 6th i would up pick it.
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i would downpick it, or at the most down pick the e string and play up strokes on the A and D strings. it depends on how fast that is meant to be played however

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downstroke the pedal-point notes (the lower ones)
upstroke the higher intervals

i think its like, economy picking or something? it came naturally to me.

thats not economy picking, an example of alternate picking would be if youve just done an downstroke on the E string and the next note is on the A string you would also hit that with a downstroke, ie with the direction of travel between strings (strict alternate would be an upstroke on the A string)

economy picking on this lick would be down on the higher notes, up on the first pedal note, down on the second pedal note, down on the higher note, etc
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