Not 100% sure if this would be the right section for this, hopefully it is D;

So anyway, i'll be ordering a Strat off a certain website soon, in white, however it's kind of confusing as to whether arctic white or olympic white is pure white.

On the Fender website it looks like Olympic white is the pure white, while Arctic white is the slightly cream-coloured one. Though a google image search for 'olympic white strat' and 'arctic white strat' both show some in pure white and off-white. Also more searching shows conflicting info about which is which.

And ordering one then finding out its the wrong colour won't be fun..

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Arctic White is the more "pure" white, but really the whiteness depends more on the lighting you are in.
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artic white = pure white (gives one the idea that it is a small amount of blue giving it a bright colour)
olympic white = white with a small amount of cream (not cream though)
im pretty sure arctic white is pure white and olympic white is more like off white. i prefer olympic white.
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im pretty sure I ordered an arctic white and it is an off white body...which contradicts all the other posts
I always thought Arctic White was yellower and Olympic White was pure white.
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In 10 years they'll probably both be cream colored anyway.

wrong, fenders poly finishes hardly age at all.
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wrong, fenders poly finishes hardly age at all.

Say what you want, but I've seen many a Strat that was once pure white that aged to cream. Look at this one. I've seen the same thing happen in as little as 10-15 years.