I'm going to buy a 2nd guitar soon, I'm looking at two used guitars, one is a Schechter Damien FR and the other is an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra with an active EMG pickup replacing one of the stock ones. Both look and feel brand new, the Damien is going for $500 while the les paul owner wants $800. The price difference made me lean towards the damien of course, but i may switch to active pickups later which would cost a chunk of money anyway. How much of a difference would there be between EMG-HZ and EMG(active) pickups? I havent had a chance to play both guitars on the same amp so its hard to tell. The locking tuning/tremolo/whammy bar of the damien is a good thing i think, even though its a pain in the ass if you want to change strings or switch from standard to c(thats what 2 guitars are for i guess though hehe). I have played both and they feel great, but neither stands out over the other in what just feels right, which is why i came here to ask for some opinions. If it makes any difference at all I have a peavey bandit 112 and an rp250 for amp/effects. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to give me some feedback!
buy a better amp!
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id go with the epi, i own the schecter that your talking about. i got mine new for 350$ and i am over all pleased with it. i wish it were active, (higher gain out put) and i wish it wasnt the FR. its super heavy and the neck is wide, but i got over that quickly.
^+1. And $800 is a bull**** price for that Epi. A set of EMGs does not cost $300, and there's only one on that guitar (Ultras are $500 new). HZs are crap as well, you'll want to change them.

But you still need a better amp first.
$800 for the epi's abit much even with the emg in it. You could get a gibson studio for that. I'm nost sure about the Schecter though, $800 just seems a bit much.
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