Guys tell me what you think of my lyrics.

Edit: I made some modifications.

Last days of grunge

based on "beans"

Again, 'gain, 'gain
cannot forget the pain
when i was a little child and
nobody want'd to play

The fear, fear, fear
before me I leave my tears
cause smiling all the time
i will get a better meal

Their fear I feel, "i feel just fine"
yeah sugoi yo

blush = the flush = the crush
quiet on the grass gets punched
she only wished she could be dead
and forget it all and all

His fear she feels, "i feel just fine"
yeah sugoi yo

Don't be a pussy
don't be a fag
just be yourself
just be your dad
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im gonna have to say no, the word fag def doesnt help either. i dont think that was a common word during the grunge period. not to mention its such a stupid word
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Gays aren't discriminated against, they just can't get married, big ****ing deal.
It has good lines, but you might want to look over some lines that you think may be lame and replace them with more serious lyrics, it just doesn't sound like it's supposed to be serious. Do you use a rhyming dictionary?