LatelyIve been thinking when I buy a new guitar that I should get a 7 string. So I was wondering how hard it would be to play songs that are played normally on a 6 string? Also heres what I'm looking for any color, 22-24 frets, non-locking trem(or no trem at all) and around $400 or less, this is what i found so far
Standard tuning on a 7-string is BEADGBE, So if you simply ignore the bottom string, it's quite easy to play songs you would normally play on a six-string. I've got a Schecter Damien-7, which I would recommend, as it falls under your price range, except it doesn't have a tremolo.
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Play one first.

I love mine and it took me little time to get used to it, but I have friends that come over who can't play it like it is a new instrument.

If you can find any 7 at guitar center, try it there first.

As for used 7's, you might want to look used. I got an ESP H 207 with Dimarzio Breed/Evo's and Schaller locking tuners for $380 shipped. There are good deals out there used.

Both of the ones you posted are okay, but sounded kinda weak to me when I played them.
id recomend only ibanez or custom for the 7 string. there prestige 7 is amazing, i have the 7621, which the stopped making, but itsamazing, im going to get the 1527 next though. i wanted the 2228 but no trem.
I dont' have any experience with SC7 strings but that one's specs are quite good for LTD.

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