I just picked up a new guitar and it has the floyd rose bridge. Of course me not knowing what i was getting myself into with it at all. When i try to tune it into lower steps it goes out of tune right away after i tighten the lock back up. Whats happening/help me tune my guitar.

edit: I just looked at my action and its ultra super low and it seems like my bridge is lower than before. wtf am i doing here. sigh
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From the Guitar Gear Basics Forum Sticky:

Heavy Tremelo - Floyd Rose, etc

Ok this is probably one of the hardest guitars to restring so dont get discouraged

Step One

Reset all fine tuning screws located on the bridge to a middle position. Loosen the "string-lock screw" located at the back side of your bridge using an allen key. The string-lock screws are the screws that run parallel to the body of your guitar.
After several counter-clockwise turns, the string should pop free from the bridge.

Step Two

Using an allen key, loosen the "nut clamping block" (the part of the guitar where the neck meets the headstock) that covers the sixth and fifth string. Once the nut clamping block is loosened, you should be able to extract the string from the guitar.

Step Three

Now, take your replacement string, and using wire cutters, clip off the ball at the bottom end of the string. Put the freshly clipped end of the string into the saddle of the bridge. Examine the other strings to see where exactly the new string should go.
Push the string down into the saddle as far as possible. You may have to further loosen the string-lock screw.

Step Four

Using your allen key, gently but firmly tighten the string-lock screw to hold the string in place (be careful not to over-tighten!) Be sure the string stays secure in the saddle while doing this.
Feed the string under the loosened nut clamping bolt, and under the "string retainer" (the bar on the headstock that runs parallel to the nut).

Step Five

Feed the string through the tuning peg, leaving some slack in the string. Then make a 90 degree angle about 3/4 of an inch above the tuning peg and wind it until it becomes intune.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
ok..its a floating bridge so your going to have the problem that when you get one string tuned..another will get untuned. you can fix this by upening up the spring cavity and putting a block with a wedge shape behind the bridge body. you should tune it that way into standard and lock the nut. now..dont touch the nut anymore. for now on you should tune it by the bridge its self. there are screws that you just simply turn and it will tune it for you. if you have anymore questions feel free to PM me.
Another thing...if you're going to drop the tuning (loosen strings) you have to loosen the slack on the springs. Same thing with bringing it back to standard, if you're tightening the strings, you have to tighten the springs.