One of the best bands i've heard in a long time!
Musically, they remind me of Transistor Transistor, Comadre and Hot Cross.
Vocally, they remind me of Circle Takes The Square, 1905 and Saetia.
Two girls and two guys from Germany making rad, noodly guitared, dual vocal screamo.

I have cancer, fight me.
I'm interested, but if I can't download, it's not worth my time. *kicks stupid dial-up*
No gods, no countries, no masters.
More guitar, less Ultimate-Guitar.
Be Serious.
Shorties represent!
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I know what he means, back home I have dial up. It takes forever just to stream a song, and myspace is really bad about it too. With purevolume you can hit pause and wait like 10 minutes or so to let it load up and then hear the song, but myspace won't let you do that a lot of the time, so if you can't download it then you just have to listen to it 15 seconds at a time.
i found a download a longtime ago. I'll try to find it again, if somebody wants. But yeah, i love these guys.