OK, i consider myself an almost-intermediate player and have been using a SS fender 15w 8" little thing. it pretty much sucks. had it for years and after hearing many effects pedals and tube amps i dont even play anymore b/c of this thing...

i need to upgrade! i doubt i'll ever gig, but even then i'd mic. so this will be used in my house, maybe with a drummer (my brother)

i'd mostly play metal/hard rock stuff ie: alice in chains, hinder, godsmack, pantera, zeppelin, ac/dc etc... and i really want a good sounding NON-digital distortion.

im thinking a tube amp, probably 30w maybe less would be good. ALSO, i want good lows, so i'd want a 12" speaker? any suggestions would be great. i've seen a RocPro 700 combo for a good price, but not sure about it from what i've read.

i'd like to keep it cheap if its even possible, under 270ish?
you MIGHT be able to find a Peavey Classic 30 for that price, make sure you look everywhere.
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well, for the hard rock and stuff, what about just getting a solid state marshall or crate combo?
any ideas about this?
Hey, get the ''Tech 21 NYC - Trademark 30''. I bought it some days ago:
It is a solid 30 Watt Spring Reverb, but is reallly great for the stuff you wanna play. It's distortion can be smooth, warm or heavy and kinda dirty. And it is pretty loud.

Try it first, I think it's what you look for.


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would SS vs Tube have any real differences if i got a cheap/used Boss GT3? i really just want somethin with good low end, considering the lil amp i have now has NONE