hey im buying a new amp within the next few months. Im thinking of getting the marshall DSL 100. anyone own one of these or used one before. i play mainly metal eg trivium, children of bodom and stuff like that
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I certainly can't recommend you buying an amp without playing with it first, but the DSL's are not high gain amps and are generally not well suited to "metal" styles of playing without additional effects. The tone is generally regarded as inferior to the older JCM800 series but tone is subjective. On the up side, it is a 2 channel amp whereas a lot of amps that have defined certain metal tones have been single channel and lack a lot of diversity.

Half the people on this board will tell you to buy a 5150 instead of the DSL, buy my suggestion is that you shop around and try to find some sound clips if you don't have access to something you're looking at. The 5150 is worth considering, but also consider the other options: used Mesa Rectifier, used Soldano Avenger, JCM800, etc.
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I had a TSL. It was ****. The cleans were quite nice but the distortion is just MU-DEE!!! They do say however that the DSL has a "purer" tone. There's a big argument about it on youtube somewhere about which one's best for metal. Personally i'd either just get an old peavey 5150 or a 6505. The fender one is probably quite good aswell but it's a ****load more expensive.

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There's no need to get 100 watts valve

personally, I can't EVER see a real need for that much power, because places that big are going to have a PA system

the DSL50 would be a better option IMO, but of course you should never buy an amp without trying it out first
DSL 60? and if it's like the TSL it'll have a power attenuator anyway so that makes it more useful imo.

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Laney GH50L is much better.
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+1 to the 5150/Peavey suggestion.

Don't buy the Marshall just for the name, and it's worth mentioning you can probably get a JCM800 or 900 on eBay for the same, if not a lower, price, and they would both be more suitable, in addition to actually sounding better.
^I wouldn't recommend the JCM900 for metal really- thats the JCM800 and DSL territory.
I say go with the 5150 option or if you still want marshall try to get a JCM800 combo or DSL 50 (so you will get more of an oppertunity to crank it)
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