K guys,i'm about to get this guitar,the Mexico Fat Stratocaster,gonna try it soon and see if its worth buying,my friends recommended this guitar,and i love the 3tone finish,really sweet looking,but do you guys know how much it is in SGD?heres a picture...
It's a good guitar and all but you'll get a lot more bang for your buck if you go for a $400 dollard Ibanez or PRS.
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I have a mexican fat strat and i love it.... But don't forget to have a look at other mexican models as well such as the Classic players, or deluxe players strat, (pretty sure there Mexican) even have a look at highway one strats
By some odd coincidence, that picture is actually my guitar that i brought second hand off guitar village a few weeks ago. Can tell from the fret marks and the fact that its exactly the same picture they emailed me.

Anyway, im a bit of a novice but i've been very pleased with it. Sounds great and is far more playable than a Fender Highway One that i tried. The only thing i would consider changing is the bridge pickup eventually.

Oh and the 3 tone finish looks even better in person. Good choice.
you may also want to try japanese made fenders. most say that their quality control rivals that of US made guitars. which, if true, means they have better quality than the MiM's

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