i need a guitar that can play blues to metal

my price range is US $500

i like playing GNR,metallica,ramones,bb king, acdc, etc...
I've got an Ibanez 2ex2 (I think) rg. It was $300, and it's been really good for any style. I usually play metal, but it also sounds good when I play other types of music
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You already have a Les Paul(judging by your username)?

true i already have a les paul but im returning cuz of a crappy neck joint
yea i think the Ibanez 2ex2 would be a good buy...but what about a trem?
i dont really have alot of experience with electric guitar i just got off an acoustic
My vote would be for another Les Paul. It will do a great job for metal and a decent job at blues. Ultimately you may want a Strat for blues, though(I know I do). I own a LP and I'm presently saving for a Strat. But again, this is all personal preference. I'm sure other people will have different options for you.
hey i looked at a shecter hellraiser c1-fr
i was wondering if its sound playing with RHCP and more mellower stuff too
cuz it looks to metal too me
A dean would suit you well. take a look around, theres a body style for everyone
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