okay so I recently seen a friend do some palm muting and I realized wow mine sounds like a dyeing cow while his sounds good and I think I might have been doing it worng can someone tell me how to do it properly? and I cant seem to make a good pull off
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just keep practicing lol.
change the pressure and amount of palm on the strings and where the plam rests.
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as stonedkirby said, you need to move around the strings and vary the pressure until you find a position that you find comfortable and sounds good. If you don't feel comfortable with it, your going to have a strumming problems, so that's the priority.

for help with the pull offs, watch this

If your a beginner you should watch some of his other videos on UGtv as they're quite good and he shows a lot of various techniques that you may be have trouble with. Also, there are some really good lessons on YouTube, some by well known guitarists too.
For entry level palm muting, try and stay close to the bridge with very light pressure and progress from there. Pick lightly at first until you get used to maintaining the pressure and then begin working on more aggressive picking with more pressure.
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