hey, well i have an ex-girlfriend that i would always play and sing to. i really like writing music and lyrics but think i suck bad at singing. she on the other hand thinks i am super good. yeah me not so much. well i asked another person....one of my guy friends who is an @$$ and he thinks i am good. so my ex wanted me to make a video of me singing so she could put it on her myspace. she edited it all and that crap and said it was super good. i need some more opinions on this. here is the link to the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzoIOjHCgUo

and also the video itself even though i don't think it will work on UG:

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Yeah dude that wasn't bad at all. I've heard much worse in even famous songs, so that's obviously saying something. Fuck me if I could sing as well as you.
You don't suck by any means. Go the bar during ANY Karaoke night and you will hear bad singers. If you like to sing, sing. We live only once, so sing damnit. I too am a guitar player/singer and i know what you mean by wondering if you are at least decent at singing. I don't even know if i can sing, but when i do, no one objects. I've written about 10 songs that I sing freely to friends, band members, whomever. Bottom line is, give it everything you have. F*** anyone who objects.
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Dude you are fine. You sound a bit like Jack Johnson!

Seriously there is nothing wrong with your singer. I would go so far as to say you are a good singer. Obviously you aren't an absolute singing God, but with that being said I doubt you have had lessons.

You are definitely a good singer, and you should definitely sing in front of people if you feel comfortable doing so. There is definitely nothing about your singing that 'sucks'.
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