Yo i bought an External Hard drive for my homework n stuff at school right.

And i tried to use in on the macs at school and it WON'T copy anything into the HD... ?

I think its locked or something, It will only read what i've got on it from my home PC. It says i havent got "sufficient Privlidges"

its because you dont have sufficient privileges. its that simple. do you seriously think the school is going to let you interact a hard drive with their computers? if its that important, ask your computer technicians. but theyll probably say no.
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Yeah its probably something to do with the access privaliges on your school network. Also, check the formatting of the hd, macs use a very different file system to pcs, although they can still read and write to FAT32. Best thing to do, is to get a usb flash memory drive and copy stuff from that then onto your computer/mac at home, then onto your hard drive. But as Gurgle!Argh! said, ask your administrator/tech guy at school, they might "help".
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