Hey everyone,

I recently bought some new pickups for my Universe to return it to a more 'stock' form and was going to do the wiring myself. I've done wiring before but always used schematics. I couldn't find one for the wiring I wanted so I was hoping anyone familiar with wiring, Dimarzio pickups specifically would be able to help me out.

I included a little foolproof chart that i'll understand, sorry for the shobby MS Paint job. All you need to do is draw in the color wires I need to connect.

Thank you SO much in advance for helping me out.

This should do it, assuming I got all the pickup color codes right... the only one I wasn't sure about was the middle single coil. I assumed white is positive and black is negative like most single coils.

The place where the three hot wires pass over each other is not a connection point... they're just passing by each other.
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