Sometimes lil untight

But real great job !! Wonderfull guitar and keep working on the techniques !!

Rock on
pretty good, especially for your age. I reckon you probably could get a better tone out of your Jem tho
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I can play it better loll but geez at 13 I was playin mary had a little lamb or some ****
Pretty good, 7/10+1 for kick-ass guitar.
Overall 8/10.




Timing is off in most of the song, work on the very beginning, that seems just waay off (in technique, the notes were right). This is merely critizism, overall I give it a 5/10.

not sure about the vibrato, some of the notes sounds a bit off, however, it suer kicks my version's ass, How long you been playing?
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hey check mine out! im 13 too and ive been playing for 3 months. please rate and comment thanks
Aesome job man! You'll be ever better in a few years.
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I can't really say anything about it that hasn't been said, Good job. I've been trying that song for about a month now and i still only know the intro, but not at speed. How long did it take you to learn it?
Hmm , its pretty cool.
But once again your guitar is sligtly flat (tuning)

Otherwise pretty awesome , but work on that timing,.

keep on rocking dude , you are awesome.