You try to struggle from my grasp
But I won't let you get away
I make it almost impossible for you
To go on another day
I kill all of your happiness
And plant seeds of hopelessness
And water them with your tears of defeat
Until your life is a hopeless mess

You cry alone in your bed at night
Wondering what I'm doing here
I lurk in the sadness in your eyes
That you see when you look in the mirror
I hold you down under the water of depression
When you try to come up for air
I fill your life with isolation
And make it seem like nobody cares

The tears that are streaming down your face
Are my spit on your happiness
I drag you down with my vile intentions
And fill your life with hopelessness
You fight to get away from me
But I hold you forever in place
You'll never get away from me
Until the day that you're erased

That was a poem I wrote a couple years ago during a depression phase of my life...I would write a lot of sad poems about being depressed, then I wondered what it would be like to write a poem from the point of view of depression itself. Hope you all enjoy.
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