Hey, I just wanted to know what pick ups you think would be best for metal like lamb of god, slayer, trivium etc.
I want pickups that are rich in harmonics and allow artificial harmonics to sound sweet.
Preferably not EMG please.
Bare Knuckle Pickups makes two (possibly three) that are exceptionally rich in the harmonic department (actually they're all pretty good, but two stand out).

The Miracle Man Humbuckers are a bit less agressive but do the harmonic thing like no other. The Nailbombs are a bit more agressive and do the harmonic thing just a hair less awesomely than the Miracle Man's.

Bare Knuckle has a model called the Painkiller that is supposed to be up there, but I personally haven't tried it and can therefore offer no comment.
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If you like high harmonics and long drive then you want Mansons hot P90s theyre sweeet. same pickups that Matt bellamy from Muse uses.
I would recomend mustaine's sig pups.
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Cant say im much of a mustaine fan really.
What about the dimebuckers? what do you all think of them?

dimebuckers are mud city

get a proper bill lawrence if you want that sorta thing, thats what dimebag actually used
I have the Holydiver Bare Knuckle humbucker wich is really good for heavy stuff or rock. But it doesn't have the dirty-''bzzz'' sound you may want in stuff like slayer. Maybe the Painkiller
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