I've got a used Boss HM-2 distortion pedal. It has served fine till one ominous day.
Now, there's still signal coming out of the amp when the pedal is connected but switched off, which means the circuit must be all right, or at least I think so... But when I switch it on, there is silence, this gloomy silence that makes me crazy!!
Is there any possibility to revive the pedal?
What do you suppose happened?
honestly its hard to say....i think that pedal is actually pretty old like circa 80s or early 90s i dont ever rember seeing those in GC or anything but.....the only thing i can recomend is open it up see if somthings wrong make sure you look on the under side of the pcb look for black or brown burn spots mabey somthing shorted wiggle the components see if they feel loose if they doo look on the bottom ofthe pcb and see if there is a broken solder point if it is solder it back up...if u dont solder talk around alot of people can or just go buy a solder iron/gun and practice on some other shiiit and give it a try ive revived old amps pedals computers and lots of others by just a few fast solder jobs.
I guess u should have it examined by a common electrician..
not a bad idea but ur going to pay an arm and a leg to take it to a electrician or a repair shop...and half the time you take it to them and they look at you like" what the F did this pringle chip eatin mofo just hand me" but the normally know general electronics....for an old pedal like taht i would say eaither try and fix it or get a little shoe box and dig a small hole in the back yard and have a small little funeral for it.....but i would say give t a shot to fix it.
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I guess u should have it examined by a common electrician..

As opposed to the rare foil edition?
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As opposed to the rare foil edition?

As opposed to a guitar tech I guess.

I would recommend that you find someone who specialises in pedals, like a boutique builder, in your area and have them take a look at it; they'll be most likely to know what's gone wrong and if it can be rescued, then if it can they'll do it for you. For a price obviously.
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actually...looking at what kinda pedal it is, i'd be glad...


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I'd check the battery/batteries, that sounds like what happens with my pedals.
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As opposed to the rare foil edition?

ive looked everywhere for one. you seen them?
not even on ebay....