I've wanted a classical guitar for a while just to mess around on and thought this deal seemed really good but I can't find much info on the guitar itself. Any opinions? The guy only wants 100 bucks (Canadian!) for it and it comes with a gig bag too. Check it out:


Think I should get it? Think I should pass? Let me know!
if you want it, go ahead (if you've got the $$$)

I found the greg bennet guitars to be pretty OK actually. They're obviously not expensive american made guitars, but I've found they are good quality for what they are.

I've played on one of their 12 string acoustic guitars, one of their SG copies, and a few other electrics, and I found they were good for the price.

although if your gonna skip meals to buy it, it obviously isn't worth it.

so do whatever you want...

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well greg bennetts are great, i have one of their electrics, i love it. and i think that their acoustics are pretty good quality.
Ya, I was just looking for opinions on the company as far as quality and such. I can spare the money so that's not an issue.