Gibson Les Paul Studio - 15 y/o - Ebony With Ebony FB -UK- W/ Gibson OHSC - PICTURES!

Hey! Im selling my one and only beautiful Gibson, devastated! Ah well, I want it to go to a good home, im only selling as I have too much stuff, and more is coming, haha

Anyway, this is a Genuine Gibson Les Paul Studio - '92 - Ebony with Ebony fretboard, one of the highly sought after ones, they usually have rosewood, I MUCH prefer the ebony, it looks, feels and sounds great! This is not a pristine model, its got battlescars, it was toured for 6 years, if you want to buy it I will not accept returns based on the fact its a bit battered, im letting you know now, this isnt for hanging from the wall, this is for playing on stage, very loudly. It could be worse really, you can see from the pictures that the wood isnt showing much, just a couple of chips and scrapes around the edges, you see it all the time. There is NO real damage that affects playability or sound, no repairs, no breaks, nothing to lower its value significantly or to ever endanger it in the future, its solid as a rock! Fretboard is fine, neck is fine, no warping at all, electronics are tip-top and sound amazing, seriously awesome pickups, quite high output, hardware has some tarnishing, one of the tuners was replaced (the silver one, you can see in the picture). Basically yeah, what you see is what you get, im being honest about the kind of guitar this is, its a heavy duty, real players guitar. I will ship it in its original Gibson hardshell case, which is also a bit scruffy haha. Oh and buy the way, its all original hardware apart from that one tuner which had been replaced by a Gibson deluxe tuner, it has straplocks fitted too, even more incentive!

IMPORTANT - If you want this guitar get in touch ASAP, I need a sale quick and I will be listing this on ebay if I get no interest here, if you want it send me an offer NOW, dont PM on this site as its garbage and rarely works, email me at


I will trade/part trade only for specific items - A Mesa Tremoverb/maybe Rectoverb combo, an ESP Eclipse OR EC1000 in vintage black, a Caparison Horus/TAT - Frozen Sky, an Orange Rocker 30 Combo or a Dinosaur, preferably a velociraptor or something, if you do not have these items then do not waste my time, NO IBANEZ'S, they are garbage, cash wise I paid over £850 for this BEAUTY so dont try and lowball me, you know I just wont accept it

Sorry for sounding like an absolute DICK, im having a bad day, heres a picture of calvin and hobbes to make you feel better

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If you can offer me a good enough price I will ship it to you , you would have to wait a couple of days for me to get hold of a box though haha
Diezel, Motherfucker

Last chance to dance, I mean it, im listing on a certain auction site in about.....5 hours

Clock is ticking

Thanks to everyone who has already emailed me with offers!
Diezel, Motherfucker