(I'm sure there may have been a thread in the past on these guys, but when I searched it was too big of a crapshoot, so).

So I found these guys through their track they had in 'Lost in Translation' (which really is a great soundtrack, but I'm sure that gets plenty of talk around here anyway), the song was called 'Too Young' I believe.

I really enjoyed the track so does anyone have any other info on this group, or some ideas on where to start with the band? Maybe just a little chit-chat?
I've only heard a few songs from this band, but they're pretty catchy. "Consolation Prizes" is three minutes of sheer sugar-pop blisssss.
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Get their album United, it's what i have, really good.

Yeah, I figured I should pick that up.

On a different note, who else is into the 'Lost in Translation' soundtrack?
Air and My Bloody Valentine.
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I've been listening to 'United' a lot lately. Its really good (Honeymoon, If I Ever Feel Better, On Fire, Summer Days, etc - all great). Embuscade kind of came out of nowhere, but I really dig it.

How does 'Alphabetical' and 'Its Never Been Like That' compare? I've heard they're both pretty good.
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