Poll: Whats Better: A pick or Finger Walkin'?
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View poll results: Whats Better: A pick or Finger Walkin'?
2 7%
Fing Walking
14 50%
10 36%
Don't Care
5 18%
Voters: 28.
I used to only use fingers, but now I've started to use a pick.

Flea has mastered all three ways to play bass:

Slap n' pop

Do what he does and you can't go wrong.

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Dont ask for buttsecks straight away , wait about 3 minutes then WHAM stick it in her butt.

This guy knows his stuff!
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a) too many of them
b) it will become a flame fest
c) you deleted the first one you did right after I reported that one. Why should this one not be reported?

d) (and I think the most important one) Versus threads are against rules.
Could not give a flying ****, it's like saying whats better a ham sandwich, or a cheese one? Sure some people prefer one or the other, but eating only one constantly would be very unhealthy.

This post's just made me really hungry for a sandwich.
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