D'Addario and Planet Waves has just announced a recall of the guitar Humidipak
System and the Humidipak refills, both the regular and the high humidity.
For instructions on returning and refunds they can be contacted at 1-800-323-2746.
There also may be a link on their website regarding this recall, www.daddario.com.

Has anyone else heard about this? I got an email this morning from the shop that I bought my humidipak system from.
I haven't heard a thing about this as of yet, but you can bet I'll be checking into it! I did peek into Planet Waves site briefly but there isn't anything posted there about a recall.
I spoke to customer service at the number you posted.

They had a few that stained the outer bag and although there didn't seem to be any real leakage, they wanted to get to it and fix the problem.

Once you fill the form out on the web, you can either choose the new production ( 30 days or so ) or a product of equal value.

Thanks for the heads up !

This is why you should stick with dampit. They may not be as advanced but they don't leak like crazy either!
I've never had success with dampit. They make the humidity skyrocket and make the guitar sound muddy.
Sincerely, Chad.
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