On my BLUE Ibanez S, I recently had my guitar setup, I lowered the strings etc, but needed abit of help on the wierd bridge, a mate of mine fixed it for me, and it plays sweet, only annoyance is when im using the tremolo bar.

When I push it towards the guitar its fine, no noises nothing.

When I pull the bar away from the bridge it makes a large squeeking noises. It doesnt affect the sound during gigs, but its noticable when playing with no amp or low volumes, any fixes for this? should i be concerned? cheers
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Try WD-40 on the pivots.
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Its probably the Zero Resistance bar in the back. I had the same problem so I just took the bar out (full floating) and problem solved. If you dont want to take the bar off, try messing with the bar and make sure its in the grooves.