Now I have to make new friends in all my classes because I got placed in AP Spanish 4. The result of this being I got all my classes switched different teachers and everything! So I figured "Hey Ill go to the pit those guys will help me cope."
So Help me get through this horrid time!

Im also low life freshmeat and dont know where half of the stuff is.

Actually its not that bad but post some of the times your school system pissed you off or dissapointed you the most, I dont care that I got my schedule changed. What about you guys? Stories?
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I do! That has become so bland and notorious that in my book its a win.

Hell ya it's win, because it's a play on your thread title...which should read something like "I got my entire schedule changed!" God, do I need to educate all you bastages on the fine art of subtle comedic timing?
Come on, this is like the 10th thread about changin friends in 2 days...

Grow a pair and figure it out alone....you won't find help in the pit

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