Anyone with a really cool lesson timetable this year? Lots of days off? Or the opposite, 7 boring lessons every day? Share!
At Uni, looks like I'm off Tuesdays and Thursdays. Finished for 1 on a Friday and finished for 10 on a Wednesday.

I'll still be chasing my arse with work though.
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I get Monday and Tuesday off at college.

I only get to see my friends on Friday now. And that's for only an hour at lunch.
ive get e'm classes at sunday/tuesday/thursday......so im free 4 days a week
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I have Wednesday and Thursday off. Friday isn't very good, I have tutorial and basic numeracy, literacy and IT skills. On Monday and Tuesday however I have all of my music course lessons.
I do a full time music course, so I quite like my timetable.

My monday lessons are: Listening, Performance, Industry Study and sequencing. Each one being an hour and a half long.

On thursday i'm there till 6:30 though, and being I live quite far from the college means I get back home at around 8.

Get tuesdays and wednesdays off, however.

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I'll get mine on tuesday.
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Monday - Maths first
Tuesday - Computing first, Music tech second
Wednesday - Electronics first, Maths second
Thursday - Computing third
Friday - Music tech first, tutor thing second (with an hour break after), Electronics third
I have 2 double periods a week of Beliefs and values...
um. yeah. I need to be taught values when people blow civilians up for no valid reason.

Rest of my (final) year's timetable looks ok. Got GCSE's though after easter's study leave.
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I got mine today and it's ****. One good day in two weeks, and I don't know half the teachers.
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I got mine and a few days are real sh*t!!!
Friday I've got 3 hours of maths and I'm ending with 2 hours latin (I've got 7 hours a day).
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New timetable...I have maths twice a day more or less every day O_o I've got free periods in the afternoon half the days though so I get to go home around lunch time.
I'm still in highschool, but I get free periods. All of my frees are either first thing in the morning, or last thing in the afternoon.

I come in at 10:00 on monday, 9:00 on tuesday, full day wednesday, leave early thursday and friday.

But i have double maths lessons twice a week
i'm probably gonna have two 1-2 hour tutorials a week, a latin reading class each week and lectures. some of which i'll go to. but i'm gonna have two essays a week, so a little bit eek.
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high school rules!

well this study hall anyhow

hell senior year isnt about work anyway
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At Uni, looks like I'm off Tuesdays and Thursdays. Finished for 1 on a Friday and finished for 10 on a Wednesday.

I'll still be chasing my arse with work though.

i'm looking at studying law... is there lots of work involved?

and my timetable rocks... 15 lessons out of 30, and Friday afternoons off. pub lunch!
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I only have classes on tuesdays and thursdays and my first class isn't until 1:00pm.
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I expect I'll be getting 14 hour long frees per week (although these can of course be together, resulting in a 2 hour free. Or maybe even a 2 hour free combined with lunch break, 3 hours ).

And be doing 11 hours of lessons per week.

Don't find out till Monday though.
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