well i recorded and uploaded my first cover of "stairway to heaven". i used audacity to record and i keep hearing noise and static every once in a while.. any idea how to remove that or how to work the noise remover thing? i cant get that to work, also any ideas on how to get the robert plants voice, without guitar or anything and out it over my cover(if thats allowed?)..
You could try running the mix through a noise gate. Play with the controls to get it right. You'll eliminate noise and static in quiet sections. It would be better to record it a gain though.

Stripping vocals from a mix is damn near impossible. I'm sure there is some software out there that could help, but it's not worth it. For one, it's illegal to use a published recording sample without permission. For two, it's kind of a weak thing to do. Why not find a girl with a stellar scream and have her sing it for you.

Be original if at all possible. The best cover songs have their own style to them.