i've been playing electric guitar for only like 4-5 months.. im just looking on some advice on how to make it sound better, recording sucks i know, has a lot of static in the background and gets feedback every now and then but im gonna buy an adaptor to connect my gutiar to my pc to record. also i messed up on one part of the solo.. and i think the outro is a bit longer but i didnt find out till after i uploaded it. thanks
practise way more before recording again

work on keeping the tempo the same the whole way through, maybe start of playing it slower then gradually increase the speed until you get it right
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I did it in the church confession booth. i jizzed all over the mesh in an attempt to hit the priest.
that said you have guts to do that after 4 months of playing

ive been playing for 4 years and i havnt even tried to tackle that beast of a song
i might take a crack at it soon
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I did it in the church confession booth. i jizzed all over the mesh in an attempt to hit the priest.
practice and more practice - use the chords and dont just memorise all the seperate notes you have to fingerpick. Your timing is bad, but youve only been playing for a bit but thats something to work on. The solo is pretty bad aswell, its slow and just notes that dont link together very well. You should revert back and try easier solos like whole lotta love for example. You need to work on technique alot, your bends are weak and you dont appear to use hammers/pull offs. This seems like im trashing you alot, but im not. Youve only been playing a short time and tried a hard song for a beginner. Tips are to just keep practicing, learn your chords and use them, this song is constructed entirely of chords that are fingerpicked. Definetly learn your pentatonic scales and try to get your fingers moving faster.
yea as soon as i get my grades up my parents are gonna hire a guitar teacher, im self taught, so i tought myself all that without paying attention to the cords and such.. well thanks anyways guys :P
Your bends are quite a bit off. your timing too. what you might want to do is get some backing tracks online, and jam to those. they helped me a lot.

Mind critting mine?

BTW, i'm self taught too. screw guitar teachers! (i'm a guitar teacher lol)
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