In pale transportation with wheels that dont impress
I started engaging in conversation
Our rendevous with the others in our group
Was the very last thing on my mind
Blocking the radio out along with those who shout
she told me of a friend who hit close to home
But she moved away courtesy of I cant say
As my heart beat slowed my mind was intrigued to know
If I was someone she'd talk to while in dismay
Or maybe beneath her even when on the ground
Then I set foot home my companion at the door
Her pants and scratches sent me ear to ear
And once steel touched steel i gave the door knob a feel
As the cold wood presented my resting place
I typed so fast peeling back the skin
In hopes to fall in love with a pixilated face
You prefer parallel strands to the spirals in you hair
Drawing loved ones with referencing to stare
All the others who want to love you are right there
So far so long but you know I still care
if you have given it an interesting title, people might crit your work