i am currently learning this song and want to know what ppl's opinions r on the picking style.
The tab says to use ur thumb, index finger and ur middle finger. With this said, i like to/am used to just using my thumb and index finger. I feel that in time i will be able to pick equally as fast and effective using my thumb and index as i would using my thumb, index and middle finger.
Do you agree or will i not be able to pick as quick?
Does anyone else just use their thumb and index finger for fast picking songs?
Depends on the school. I would do thumb, index and middle. But there are sections where you will need all three fingers and your thumb. You can't play the whole song with only your thumb and index. :/
If we look at the sections of the piece like this:


and this:


Using only your thumb and index would be very inefficient. Your thumb and index would be constantly crossing over each other, when you could play these phrases with much less effort by using your thumb, index, and middle.
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A close friend of mine (self-taught like me) picks with his thum and index. I am quite decent at piecking with all but my pinky, and he's much faster than me. Some of it may have to do with how you support your picking hand (he uses his pinky around the center of the pickguard area. )
(Remember the left hand can do more work and make simple picking patterns ridiculously complex.)

You CAN play the entire song with your thumb and index, and my friend is proof. It has to do with the creativity of your picking method. Remember that you CAN pick 2 strings with one finger at the same time. If you are being instructed, maybe allow yourself to develop some personal style...

Good luck!
psychodelia: You are correct. However, it is possible with thumb and index. It's about style, not everyone needs to be efficient.
Just my 2 cents.
i am self taught and am confident i can play it with just finger and thumb like u said psychocybin, i think it will be better for me to just use the two fingers though i have my doubts and it probably wouldnt take too long to learn the other style with the middle finger but again i think i might be wasting my time.
going to practice this piece just using the two fingers then when ive got it memorized i will practice using the middle finger as well, then i can decide which is the most effective for me, obviously ill have to learn this piece in stages as it is difficult.
thanks for the advice everyone
Some may say that you know players who use less fingers but yet pick faster. Think about it from this perspective, had these players used all four conventional fingers, they'd probably be able to achieve the same speed with more ease and reach an even higher speed with enough practice.

Hence my stand is, don't challenge conventional technique without some serious analysis and experimentation. They've been in place for years for good reasons. No offence, but I believe that even if your friend reaches a good speed with 2 fingers, a conventionally trained player will do it with half the ease and with more speed and control. And more importantly, the right tonal colours and dynamic range.

Playing the piece isn't about plucking notes at the right time, that's only the bare minimum. As aforementioned, tone, dynamics, control and precision make you a good player. Or else I'd rather listen to a powertab file instead.
I don't even want to touch this one.

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