My bands new song, Optimistic Undertakers.

I play keyboard, do the female vocals and cut the samples. Not sure what genre you'd class this as. The sampled vocals at the start and middle of the song are clips of american comedian Bill Hicks.


will return crit
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Hey sounds pretty good, I liked it. Reminds me of a kind of indie sound with the talking parts a bit like a jamie t song kind of thing. Anyway good song liked the vocals, was kinda hoping it would build up and flare out if you know what i mean but still i like it the way it is.

Could you crit mine?
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I really enjoyed the song, its really catchy.

I too thought of a big explosion of a bridge like ckyjames did, but nonetheless i really enjoyed the listen!

I havent really listened to anything like this that much and it was really refreshing =)
nice! good vocals, and the mix feels pretty good, maybe a little thin but on the other side there is no bass. it's cool with the duet. maybe the keyboard is a little bit low, you can here it but the acoustic guitar feels like the dominant one, maybe at some part of the song, the keyboard could be the "dominant" intstrument, but with an other keyboard sound since the "phaserish" kind of sound would be a little anoying if it would be louder in the mix. but hey, thats justs some thought!
Hey, thanks for the crit. This sounds a tad like barenaked ladies. Pretty cool, I like it. Add some bass, it'll gave it some more depth. The chorus is really catchy. There isn't much to crit. I've listened to it a few times, and love it!
wow this is awesome so far. but i must agree to turn down the male vocals. it just seems like the female vocals should be loud and sort of 'in your face.' This is one of the more unique songs I've heard on here. i can't think of any advice except to say that it'd sound awesome if the female vocals were more prominent and energetic. really cool song.

thanks for the crit.