what kind of secrets
how many regrets
whens it just too much?
when is one more failure
one too many?

i've seen the bright side
and its growing dark
we've gone a thousand rounds
but we're still in the fight
when does it get too hard?
when do we just lay down and die?

in this life
theres no such thing
as too high a cost
we can lose a hundred fights
but the next day forgets the beaten night
so this war is never lost
so long as we don't lay down this sword
they'll never stop us

the next day
forgets the beaten night
they'll never stop us
we will forever fight

its never too late to change
theres never too high a cost
to throw the past away

in the chokehold
will we see tomorrow?
at every new turn
we see this world
as what it has become
shed light on this growing corruption
show man what he has let slip away
and remind us all, that this war is not done
let us yet see the light
of just one more day

We're only strays.
I would enjoy it better if it had some rhyming...
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