so i have a lp and people tell me to set it right but the heck do i do that?
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if you don't know what you're doing then take it to a local guitar shop and ask them to set it up. I don't know what it would cost in euros but I reckon 20 euro sounds reasonable (£15-£20)

a set up requires correcting the intonation, adjusting the truss rod correctly (so that it's straight) adjusting the action to your desired taste and maybe filing frets if there is a sharp or uneven one (that may cost you extra)
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Take it to a guitar technician.

Setting a guitar up generall consists of adjusting string height (action), correcting intonation, and possibly including truss rod adjustment as well as fret/fretboard conditioning.

Adjusting action and correcting intonation you can easily do yourself, just google and you'll find tons of info on it. Adjusting the truss rod and working your way around the fretboard, you may want a technician to look at it, as doing the wrong thing can seriously screw up the guitar neck.
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