Any idea where i might be able to find one? Google just finds other left handed guitars...
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check out schecter. they make some NICE 7s. ibanez also makes some great 7's, but will cost more for a lefty.
i looked at ibz's website, but the only lefty i could find was an rg1570, and i already have one!

i'll check out schecter though, thanks.
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Hmmm, it's always a challenge finding left handed 7 strings......the only thing i can recommend is just to search as many UK sites as you can, especially Thomann.de as your in the UK. Scan Ebay as well as a few of the Schecter omen-7L models show up.

Sign up to the Legion when you do eventually get one though
get a carvin custom made depending on finishes and wood you might get it under a grand
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in my opinion, the easiest way as a leftie myself to get your hands on a 7-string, is to either get a really cheap one that you can restring and generally don't mind messin with, the cheapest one i found is this on thomann, http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hbr7_450_frbk_7string_egitarre.htm
or you can cheat, what i do is use the pedal bend on my boss gt-8 to a -5 to get the low b, and bring it back to 0 with the pedal for hitting the high E string
i found a fair few schecter ones, i'm just off to do some more research... thanks for all the help!
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Carvins are amazing, but they are pretty hard to get shipped over to the UK, import tax etc would be a real sting.