Hello there... im in a boarding school and to get to the guitar shop, I would have to take the taxi, round trip being $80...

So I was thinking maybe I should order my Schecter Classic from Musicainsfriend.com??
Is it reliable to buy a guitar from them? would it come totally new and undamaged in the shipping? Should I do it? and how long would it take?

Also- I travel on planes a lot.. like big planes (17 hour flight nonstop) and I was wondering whether it would damage my guitar if i check my guitar into those planes often? I would obviously have to put it in a hard case... but is that it? would it keep it safe? or are there better methods... put it in something else?
I bought everything from musician's friend. So far I got my elecxtric in perfect condition, same with my Martin Acoustic.
So its pretty safe, but it mostly depends on the UPS guys or who ever is shipping it. Usually takes about a week or 2 to get your guitar, usually it says on the site how long and you can track your order.
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I bought my Schecter and my Dean from musiciansfriend and they've both shown up quick and in really good condition. You'll have to take them somewhere to get it set up properly eventually, but nothing major out of the box
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My friend works at an airport, and he says dont check any luggage thats valuable or you care about.
Set up properly like what? tuning, action?

and i know people in the airport throw bags around, but what can I do? i cant make a guitar a carry on... maybe on small planes but not big ones
detune the strings, wrap the guitar in bubble wrap so it cant move inside the case. write "fragile" on the outside.
no, just laet off most of the tension on the strings so the nick doesnt get damaged due to changes in humidity/temperature.
My first thing I bought off Musiciansfriend was a Schecter Oman 6, it took me a month to get, (backorderd) and when I finally did get it, one of the humbuckers was broking on it. So I had to take it into a guitar shop (I wasn't going to send it back, seeing that it took me a month to get it.) I then had the guy do a set-up (like what they do when they get used guitars...make sure everythings working right, change the strings) over all it cost me $20 dollers plus the 300 that I had to pay to get the guitar. lucky for me we got 5% of the cost of the guitar which comes out to being $15.